To download a copy of all the anthology poems, click on the link below. You can use them for revision by trying to annotate them, checking how much you remember as you do so. Remember that you will have ‘clean’ copies of the poems in the exam (without any of your notes), so it’s important to start practising now.

Clean copy of all anthology poems.

There are two arcade-style quizzes to help you revise the basics – the poems themselves here and the terminology to write about them here.

We have also uploaded some of the resources from the after-school revision sessions below, so you can use these to revise links between the poems and SAILS, but remember that you don’t have to pair the poems as we have; you can compare any two poems, so revise other links as well.

The Hunchback in the Park and The Horse Whisperer

Give, Brendan Gallagher and The Clown Punk


My Last Duchess

Ozymandias and The River God

Ozymandias and The River God SAILS table

Casehistory (Alison) and On a Portrait of a Deaf Man

Checking Out Me History and Singh Song!

Les Grands Seigneurs:

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